Brand Concept

Hi! I am Loffix! Please meet for the first time, please take care!

With the child's first cry,
we started the journey of being
a parent and growing up with the baby.

During this journey, we hope that the baby will
grow up healthily and happily, enjoy the little troubles and small
fortunes of the parents, and pursue a simple and fashionable parenting life.

As a dad, I have always been obsessed with simple
and practical parenting products, and I want to
share good design with you, so Loffix was born.

As a mother-infant brand from the Nordic
designer, the birth of Loffix is
undoubtedly because of "love."

In fact, the love of parents is very simple,
is to give the baby the best! Loffix's idea
is also very simple, is to give the baby the best! the simplest!

Loffix has done it successfully!