B.Duck is the main brand of Hong Kong's famous product design company, Semk Products Ltd. B.Duck was born in 2005. The first product launched is the B.Duck bathroom waterproof radio. The uniquely designed duck waterproof radio is popular in Japan and Europe.


Over the years, people all over the world have experienced the growth of ducklings. However, in 2005, the European people suddenly had great enthusiasm for the "duckling rafting incident" that occurred in 1992. The "duckling rafting incident" spread rapidly on the Internet and attracted global attention.

Brand History

2009 Hong Kong Olympian City Christmas giant B.Duck first appeared

2010 Ambassador of the UN Children's Fund “Love Gansu Gansu” charity event

2011 Expo Exhibition Hong Kong Pavilion B.Duck Zone

2011 B.Duck starred in the Japanese Kao bathroom cleaner TV commercial

2011 Oriental Hongtiandi’s “Hong Kong Design Gallery” hosted the B.Duck hug

2011 B.Duck Tour World Photography Competition kicks off